Android 11 Beta 1.5 mit Google Pay-Fix wird verteilt

Google verteilt aktuell einen „Zwischen-Patch“ von der Android 11 Beta 1. Beta 1.5 fixt ein paar Probleme, die in Zusammenhang mit Google Pay aufgetreten sind.

Nicht nur Google Pay machte Probleme, auch ein Problem mit Abstürzen im App-Switcher bei gleichzeitigem Rotieren wurde behoben.

Das Update auf Beta 1.5 sollte allen Beta-Nutzern automatisch zum Download angeboten werden, zumindest für die Beta-Teilnehmer mit einem Pixel-Smartphone.

Android 11 Beta 1.5 Changelog


  • Devices no longer crash (reboot) while using gesture navigation to switch apps in different orientations while rotating the device at the same time.
  • On Pixel 3 and 3a, users setting up devices after reset can now activate a pSim service if the phone is currently using an eSIM service.
  • Fixed issues that users were having when using contactless payments through Google Pay.


  • The system no longer incorrectly enforces the Bluetooth privileged permission for RemoveBond. This resolves issues that could affect pairing, unpairing, and bond reset flows for Bluetooth devices, such as for Forget Watch on Wear OS devices.

Based on our testing, you might encounter the following issues when using Android 11 Beta 1.5. These issues are already known, so there’s no need to file issue additional reports for similar issues.

Known issues: Android Auto

  • Users might experience an issue during Android Auto projection with audio routing. When a user is connected with Android Auto in the vehicle and playing music or using navigation, the audio may be played on the phone’s speaker instead of the vehicle speakers. We have fixed this issue internally and it will be available to you in the Android Auto release 5.4 update this month.
  • Users may experience issues with Android Auto projection not starting after plugging in for the first time. We are investigating this issue.Note: Some issues may be resolved by updating the Android Auto, Google Play Services and the Google app to the latest release from the Google Play Store and then rebooting the device.
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