OnePlus 10 Pro OxygenOS 13 Beta 2 auch in Europa verfügbar

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Quelle: OnePlus

Android 13 kann nun in Form von OxygenOs 13 auch endlich auf dem europäischen Modell des OnePlus 10 Pro getestet werden. OnePlus hat nun die Beta 2 zur neuesten Android-Iteration auf seinem Flaggschiff veröffentlicht.

Mehr zu OnePlus:

OnePlus hat letzte Woche offiziell seine erste Android 13-Beta für das OnePlus 10 Pro veröffentlicht, und jetzt gibt es bereits einen zweiten Build in Oxygen OS 13 Beta 2, der endlich auch bei uns in Europa verfügbar ist.

Wie bei Beta 1 gibt es auch bei diesem Build eine Liste bekannter Probleme, darunter einige Kameraprobleme und MMS-Probleme bei einigen Netzbetreibern in Europa.

OnePlus 10 Pro OxygenOS 13 Beta 2 Changelog

Note: Please be aware that some changelogs here only suit specific regions.

[Aquamorphic Design]

  • Adds Aquamorphic Design theme colors for enhanced visual comfort.
  • Applies the Aquamorphic Design philosophy to animations to make them natural and vivid.
  • Adds a Home screen world clock widget to show the time in different time zones.
  • Upgrades to Quantum Animation Engine 4.0 with a new behavior recognition feature, which recognizes complex gestures and provides optimized interactions.
  • Applies real-world physical motions to animations to make them look more natural and intuitive.
  • Optimizes fonts for better readability.
  • Enriches and optimizes illustrations for features by incorporating multicultural and inclusive elements.


  • Adds Meeting Assistant to enhance the meeting connection and introduces an option to make notifications more subtle and less distracting.
  • Adds large folders to the Home screen. You can now open an app in an enlarged folder with just one tap and turn pages in the folder with a swipe.
  • Adds media playback control and optimizes the Quick Settings experience.
  • Adds more markup tools for screenshot editing.
  • Optimizes Shelf. Swiping down on the Home screen will bring up the Shelf by default. You can search content online and on your device.

[Seamless interconnection]

  • Optimizes earphone connectivity to deliver a more seamless experience. 


  • Optimizes Bitmoji to offer more Always-On Display animations.
  • Optimizes Insight Always-On Display, with more personalized Always-On Display settings available.
  • Optimizes Canvas Always-On Display, with more drawing tools and line colors available.

[Security and privacy]

  • Adds an automatic pixelation feature for screenshots of chats. The system can identify and automatically pixelate profile pictures and display names in a chat screenshot to protect your privacy.
  • Adds regular clearing of clipboard data for privacy protection.
  • Optimizes Private Safe. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is used to encrypt all files for enhanced security of private files.

[Health and digital wellbeing]

  • Adds Kid Space, providing screen time limit, ambient light reminders, and Eye-protecting display features.

[Performance optimization]

  • Adds Dynamic Computing Engine to improve the system speed, stability, battery life, and app experience.
  • Optimizes Dolby Sound effects with enhanced spatial sound field perception and more accurate sound sourcing.

[Gaming experience]

  • Upgrades to HyperBoost GPA 4.0 to stabilize the frame rate and balance the performance and power consumption in key scenarios.


  • Improves system stability for some scenarios.
  • Fixes an issue where icons would sometimes overlap in Quick Settings.
  • Fixes an issue where a panel might be automatically pulled down from the status bar in some cases.
  • Fixes an issue that might cause auto brightness to respond slowly.
  • Fixes an occasional flicker issue that might occur when your device screen is turned off or on.
  • Fixes an issue where the Quick Settings background might appear transparent.
  • Fixes an issue where you might be unable to wake your screen by double-tapping it in Guest mode.
  • Fixes an issue where your screen might be slow to wake when the Power button is pressed.
  • Fixes an issue where the “Other” category might take up a huge portion of your device storage.


  • Fixes an issue where the Camera would lag.


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